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The Golden Girls Icon Community

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A Golden Girls Icons Community
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The Golden Girls Icon Community
The Golden Girls Icon community is a place for those who would like to post their icons and other fan art for others to enjoy.
A Few Rules:
-Please only post 3 preview icons outside off a cut. Any large graphics like banners, wallpapers, etc. must be behind a ljcut.

-Please follow the icon maker's rules. If someone asks for credit, then you should credit them.

-No fake cuts. If you are going to post icons, post them all here. I do understand the work that it takes to make icons so please feel free to link to your journal in your post, just don't do a fake cut.

-This is first and foremost a Golden Girls icon community. Don't post icons of other shows, people, movies, etc. There are many communities that you can do that at. I will delete icons not associated with The Golden Girls or the ladies themselves.

-If you aren't posting any icons, please don’t post. Posts without an icon will be deleted. This also isn't a request forum, so don't make a post requesting icons, unless you include icons in your post.

-No disabling comments or deleting posts.
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The Golden Girls Icon Community
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